Meet The Band

Shaun Cook

Shaun - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals. He has been playing in bands since 1985 and would play every day if he could. He loves playing live and learning new songs. in 2015 he played 45 shows and in 2016 saw over 140 bands.

Influences - Chris Green, Jimmy Bell, Marcus Thurston, Michael Schenker, Adrian Smith, Randy Rhoads.

Previous bands - Contraband, Lonesome Crow, The Racketeers, Spoylydge, Mad Axe, Return of the Dodo.

Best Gig Ever - Cam Beer Festival 2017.

Equipment Used - Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul 120th Anniversary (prevoiusly owned by Chris Green of Tyketto) Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro with Gibson USA Pickups, Epiphone Explorer with Gibson pickups (previously owned by Steve Hol of Massive Wagons), Ibanez Destroyers 2 (1982), Ibanez Destroyer X Series (1985 - Tokyo Sunrise), Jackson RR Sharkfin, Jackson JS32, Vintage VE800 electro/acoustic, BlackStar 100W head, BlackStar 4 x 12 cab with Vintage 30s, Boss effects, Cry Baby.

Favourite Songs - Anything by Dynazty, Elvenking, Eclipse, Tyketto, Queensryche (maybe not the early stuff), early Iron Maiden, Rush (1974-1984).

Favourite Albums - Titanic Mass - Dynazty, Rush 1974 - Mid 80's.

Life Message - If it was easy, everyone would do it!